Frosty Drink - FD3
Frosty Drink - FD3
Frosty Drink - FD3
Frosty Drink - FD3
Frosty Drink - FD3

Frosty Drink - FD3

Insulated bottle and can holder

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Plastic is definitely not the ideal casing for our drinks. However many of our sport and soft drinks are still being made in plastic bottles. So we created the Frosty drink. A unique cooler that as an added bonus will also remind you to recycle! The Frosty drink is in true Asobu style a unique combination. This great cooler is perfect to keep your sports drink, soda and water bottle nice and chilled during your run, hike or biking. Take the top part off and you are left with the perfect size cooler for a Heineken beer or soda can. The top cover has a sign reminding you to recycle once you finished with your plastic bottle. So until all drink companies start making reusable bottles the Frosty Drink bottle will be there reminding you to save our planet. For an added bonus we will donate $1 for any pictured posted to Instagram with #asobufrostydrink #recycle of you recycling a bottle, holding our Frosty Drink!

Item Measurements - 3.5"L X 3.5"W X 11"H

Product Features:

• Material: Stainless Steel/Silicon
• 100% BPA Free Materials
• Hand Wash Only

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