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At Asobu we love coffee and better, yet we love good coffee. As we are always looking for the next invocative way to make your day easier, we came up with this aesthetically pleasing and next level Pour Over Coffee Maker. We created a coffee maker that has better-tasting coffee without the need for expensive commercial coffee or plastic K-cups, just pure, delicious, and more affordable.  As with all Asobu products this pour over is made with premier craftsmanship on every level. Our Pour Over Coffee Maker has the unique feature of having a double walled stainless-steel insulated carafe attached to the brewing chamber allowing the filter to drip coffee down into the carafe that will keep it hot and fresh for hours. You can make pour over coffee in the morning and still have hot fresh and bold flavored coffee at lunch. The actual brew carafe is a heat-resistant borosilicate glass allowing you to use hot water without the fear of the glass breaking in the process. The stainless-steel double walled micro mesh filter blocks debris and coffee ground from impacting the taste and texture of your coffee. The double walled mesh allows for the water to flow easily through the coarsely ground coffee grinds without having the mesh of the filter clog up. Another advantage our Asobu Pour Over Coffee Maker has, is that being that the mesh filter is reusable there is no longer any need for more expensive paper filters saving you money and helping the world be a bit more eco friendly.  As part of our ergonomic counter worthy design, we added a heat-resistant, easy-grip collar to the Asobu Pour Over to make it easier to manage when you’re filling, heating, or transporting your carafe from bloom to brew to pour. Once your coffee is brewed you can easily pour a cup of coffee or remove the coffee dripper chamber and use the take on the go stainless steel carafe that can be closed with a matching heavy duty stainless lid to stay hot for up to 12 hours making it the most portable and ideal Pour Over Coffee Maker out there to bring to work, school or just to keep it at home for the busy day ahead. Our pour over coffee maker has the standard hourglass figure that most pour overs have but with the sleek look of the most durable stainless steel. And of course, to make sure this product fits with our Asobu motto “elevate the everyday”, this coffee maker is super easy to use. Just fill the mesh filter with 2-3 ounces of your favorite coffee ground blend, use a gooseneck kettle to pour hot water over the grounds in a circular motion until all the coffee is thoroughly and evenly moist. Then allow just a few minutes for the coffee to steep and drip into your lower carafe and voila you’ve got coffee that will keep you going throughout the entire day.

Copper Pour Over - PO300


Black Pour Over - Po300


Silver Pour Over - Po300


Maroon Pour Over - Po300


Wood Pour Over


Smoke Pour Over


Midnight Marble Pour Over


Teal Pour Over




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