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The Asobu pill bottle is true to our motto “elevates the everyday”. As with all new inventions our pill water bottle is a solution to a need so many of us have. Taking pills and vitamins every day, we would say is a common occurrence, so is needing water to swallow them and using a daily pill organizer to keep track.  The Asobu Pill bottle simply combines your daily pill box organizer with a standard reusable water bottle, so you have everything wrapped up in one cool and convenient product. The sleek Asobu Pill Bottle is an organizer and water bottle that will change everything. The Asobu water bottle has a 20 ounces capacity for you to fill up with water, juice, or your favorite drink. Along with an easy slide in and out seven-day daily pill organizer that can hold 3 large size pills in each compartment for you to have your daily reminder to take your pills. This bottle eliminates the need to go looking for water every time you need to take your daily vitamins or medicine. The Asobu pill bottle is convenient to take along on the road to work or just to leave on your nightstand instead of your standard pill box. Made with thick 100% bpa free Tritan plastic for long term durable use as well to prevent condensation from forming around the bottle, keeping your hands and pills dry. The 4 small anchors on the bottle are there to keep it in pace and prevent it from rolling around when placed on its side. And yes, Asobu has thought of everything. The Asobu Pill Organizer Water Bottle comes with a lid that doubles as a cup. There you have it, a durable, neat bottle that’s got an organizer, your drink, and your cup all combined in one. A worthwhile investment to elevate your everyday life. 



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