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You know Asobu as a bottle company we’ve got a variety of bottles all insulated and stainless steel. But what happens when it’s your lunch or snack that needs an insulated container. That is why we created a line of reusable on the go containers.

Asobu’s reusable Containers is the ultimate in take with you on the go accessory. At Asobu we live by our motto “elevate the everyday” and as such we created our products with health and fitness front of mind. Our containers like the bottles help facilitate such a lifestyle.

Busy days can lead to improper nutrition with hasty made snacks and meals. That is where our on-the-go containers come in. We created for you the best solution to a healthy and nutritious breakfast, Lunch or Snack that can be made in the morning and stays fresh all day long.

Take your container and fill it  with your favorite yogurt, salad, or pasta. Some of our containers have a top storage to be able to keep a topping fresh until use. Our container can even keep your ice cream frozen on a hot summer day at the beach or at the pool. These containers have either double wall insulated or a built-in freezer pack so you can choose the best option for your outing. Our containers like our bottles are made with only the highest quality and safest materials and are 100% BPA free. 

Slate Blue Ice Cream Keeper


Reusable Bags 5 Pack


Grey Moonshine Mason Jar


Pink Moonshine Mason Jar


Red Moonshine Mason Jar


Teal Moonshine Mason Jar


Teal Ice Cream Keeper


Blue Moonshine Mason Jar


White Ice Cream Keeper


Pink Ice Cream Keeper



Q: Are on the go containers BPA free?

A: Here at Asobu we take pride in the quality and safety of our products. The on the go containers like all the Asobu Bottles are 100% BPA free.

Q: Can I put my on the go container in the freezer?

A: The Chill yo 2 go can be and should placed in the freezer (so the wall freezes) but we do not recommend having the stainless steel containers placed in the freezer

Q: Why use a reusable on the go container instead of the disposables?

A: Besides saving money you will be helping to do your part to contribute to a greener world.

Q: Are Asobu® wireless speaker water bottles dishwasher safe?

A: We recommend hand washing all our stainless steel bottles


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