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At Asobu we put a big emphasis on the design and function of our bottles. Our line of insulated bottles is no expectation. When you see the design of our bottles you know instantly it’s an Asobu based on the sleek unique design, making the bottle more than just a bottle, but an accessory that is as fashionable as its wearer.  The function of our bottles keeps our motto “elevate your everyday” in mind, with functions that not only make life easier but also adds that element of fun.

At Asobu we have always favored stainless steel reusable bottles over the traditional plastic ones. Insulated bottles though take stainless steel to a new level. When we say insulated, we mean the bottles are double walled and vacuum insulated so no air can get between the walls of the bottle, keeping your drink cold for hours. Our line of insulated bottles gives you a full range of choices, from bottles that are specifically for those looking for something with easy access and 100% spill proof to the ones with wide mouth openings, pop up straws and so many other cool features.  These bottles are designed well insulated to be able to keep the temperature of hot or cold drinks making them perfect for water, coffee, tea, or any beverage of your choice. The range of colors we offer make them perfect to be used for almost any activity or occasion. They are great for at home, in the office, for travel or any outdoor activity. Asobu’s bottles are more than just bottles that keep you hydrated, our bottles give you the best of both worlds’ fun and function. Only at Asobu can you find a bottle that keeps you hydrated but also charges your ear-pods or a bottle that you can take with you on a walk and be able to give your dog a drink from it too. Keeping a healthier lifestyle means, hydration should be a key part of your day, Asobu makes that easy with bottles that have large capacities and ones that you can easily throw into your bag (without the worry of leaks or spills) whichever bottle you feel suits your needs best you will find that our insulated stainless steel will keep your drink will stay fresh and cold regardless of the outdoor temperature. If you are looking for a bottle that will last a lifetime the Asobu insulated bottles are definitely worth it and backed by its Lifetime warranty you literally cannot go wrong. 

Copper Le Baton


Black Flavor U See Infuser Bottle


Black Super Sippy


Blue Mighty Flask


Grey Oasis


Blue Alpine Flask


Black Tied Tumbler


Black Easy Access Tumbler


Blue UV Light Hydro Bottle


Mint Aqualina Tumbler


Black Twin Pack


Black Dog Bowl Bottle


Pastel Mint Orb Bottle


Black H2 Audio


Pink Dog Bowl Bottle


Pink Ocean Tumbler



Q: Are all stainless steel water bottles insulated?

A: While not all stainless steel bottles in the market are insulated, Asobu prides itself on the superb quality of their bottles and all Asobu stainless steel bottles are Vacuum Insulated.

Q: What does vacuum insulated mean?

A: Simply put the air between the stainless steel walls are vacuumed of air and sealed so no air can pass through their walls to help retain the temperature of the beverage inside the walls. For more information see our HOW it's Made Page

Q: What are the advantages of a double walled stainless steel water bottle?

A: Getting a stainless steel water bottle is great, getting a doubled walled stainless steel bottle is even better. Double walls provide much better insulation so your water can stay ice cold and your coffee piping hot.

Q: Can I pour hot water in an Asobu insulated water bottle?

A: Insulated water bottles can be used for hot or cold water. The hotter the water when poured into the bottle the longer it will retain the heat.


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