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Fitness, wellness, and hydration are all key to happier, healthier you. At Asobu we aim to create bottles to facilitate such lifestyles. The Asobu Infuser bottles are a perfect example of that. The Asobu fruit infuser bottles such as the Flavor u See are double walled insulated and feature a stainless-steel mesh to allow your fruit to infuse into your water giving your water a fresh flavor without any extra sugar or artificial flavoring. True to the Asobu motto we elevate your everyday while keeping design fun and function top of mind.

The bottle is designed to keep your water cold for hours while having the aesthetic look of showing off the fresh fruit you have inside. The flavor of the fruit infuses easily into your infuser bottle giving you a cold and refreshing drink anytime of day. At 16 Ounces this  ideal bottle accessory is easy to carry when walking, hiking or working out. We all know that drinking water is good for us but getting through those 8 cups a day can be really tough. That’s what our fruit infuser is for. The bottle lets you get creative with your combinations. Get out your Lemons, limes, blueberries, cinnamon, mint and cucumbers out and find your favorite flavor. Any combination is possible with the Asobu Fruit infuser bottle.  So how does it work? Unscrew the middle tritan section, take off one of the filters and fill with fruit, veggies or herbs. Put it back together and fill with water from the top.  To get the best taste allow the fruit to sit for a bit in the infuser bottle before drinking. And of course, the stainless steel makes it long lasting and durable and is backed by our lifetime warranty. 

Flavor U See



Q: Are Asobu® water bottle flavor infusers BPA free?

A: All Asobu water bottles are 100% BPA Free - BPA is not found in stainless steel at all. Any plastic on the bottles are 100% BPA free as well.

Q: What fruits can I put in my Asobu® infuser water bottle?

A: The sky is the limit! Mix up your fruits add some veggies spice it with some cinnamon sticks.

Q: Can I use frozen fruit for the infuser water bottle?

A: Frozen fruit can be used but we suggest waiting a bit until they thaw so the juices can be infused into the water for a better tasting drink.

Q: Are fruit infuser bottles limited to fruits or can they also be used for loose leaf tea?

A: Loose leaf tea can be used in this infuser but we do not recommend using the infuser for hot water as the middle section is tritan.


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