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At Asobu we love coffee and better, yet we love good coffee. As we are always looking for the next invocative way to make your day easier, we came up with this aesthetically pleasing and next level Cold Brew Coffee Maker one that stands out among all other coffee makers. The Asobu Cold Brew Portable Coffee Maker 34oz is first of its kind taking cold brew to the next level. Cold Brew Coffee Maker on the go is a portable and vacuum insulated way to brew coffee. Cold brew is the next generation of your typical iced coffee. Using hot water on your coffee granules creates a more acidic bitter drink while not having heat in the process and allowing it to steep and extract the natural rich taste of the coffee beans. The Asobu cold brew creates a coffee that has 80% lower acidity, deeper, smoother, and naturally sweet taste with that extra punch of caffeine. Not having any heat in the brewing process also preserves the antioxidants making the cold brew coffee a healthier choice, packed with flavor and much easier on the stomach. And the Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker has won many international awards after being tested among other coffee makers for making the best flavor cold brew. Asobu’s portable two in one cold brew maker  is the only brewer that doesn’t need to be refrigerated making it the most convenient option to enjoy your brewed iced coffee on the go. The brewing carafe is constructed from Bpa free non-breakable tritan with a reusable and easy to clean 18/8 rust-free superfine double walled stainless-steel mesh to give the purest brew without having coffee grounds in your coffee or having them clog the filter. This mesh filter is reusable, helping you avoid the paper filters that need to constantly be changed and thrown out. The take on the go 40 oz carafe (we left you some extra room for the additions you may want to add to the coffee) is double walled vacuum insulated and has an inner copper lining insulation so your brew will keep cold for hours. Asobu Brewer holds 6 servings and can be left in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and still be a fresh tasting coffee concentrate. Once the lid is placed on the carafe, the carafe is airtight, not allowing any air to enter to where the coffee is being stored. The carafe is stainless steel making it the most durable carafe for a cold brew in the market. Our Asobu Cold Brew Maker is easy to use. The instructions are as follows.  Fill the mesh with 2-3 ounces of your standard medium coarse coffee granules. Pour cold filtered water over the coffee grinds in a circular motion to ensure all the coffee grounds are equally moist. Do this three times with the water. Come back 12 hours later to delicious silky rich tasting coffee. For a stronger tasting coffee flavor let the brewing process continue for 18 – 24 hour the taste makes it well worth the wait. Press the release button to have your brew easily transferred from the brewer to the serving vacuum insulated stainless steel carafe avoiding any mess or spill while you transfer the brew. Add some ice cubes and milk or cream and voilà your coffee is ready in a 100% spill proof carafe and ready for a full workday or a 24-hour road trip. Tea lovers we haven’t forgotten about you! Our fine mesh works amazing with loose leaf tea as well so you too can enjoy a nice hot cup of steeped tea on the go. Just follow the same instructions using hot water with the tea leaf and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes True to our motto this Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker will elevate your everyday. 

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